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Coverys saves time and resources with Diligent Boards

Director of Corporate Governance for Coverys, a leading provider of medical professional liability services, Kim Tobin must keep the board up to date on the latest information requiring their oversight or decision-making. With Diligent Boards, Tobin was able to:

  • Eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork
  • Facilitate more effective collaboration through an easy-to-use interface for board members and staff alike
  • Ensure robust information security that supports the speed of digital communication without privacy concerns

Fortive easily manages 300+ global entities with Diligent

With hundreds of globally dispersed entities, Fortive, an industrial technology conglomerate, faces the herculean task of tracking regulatory compliance everywhere they do business. With Diligent Entities, the Fortive team always has the most up-to-date entity data, regulation details, organizational charts and more.

Liane Noureldin, Senior Corporate Paralegal at Fortive, shares how she uses Diligent Entities to:

  • Seamlessly track and manage 300+ entities' data from a single, centralized record
  • Stay in compliance across global jurisdictions
  • Chart organizational structures

Softtek Corporation streamlines audits across many languages and cultural differences

For Luis Cuellar, Vice President of Corporate Governance for Softtek Corporation, managing audits used to be difficult.

When Cuellar was searching for a solution, Diligent stood out because it offered:

  • The ability to integrate several policies, controls and risk throughout the whole company under one platform
  • Detailed cost tracking for each audit
  • A reasonable price for a powerful platform

Louisiana Department of Corrections' 2 auditors can do the work of 10

The Louisiana Department of Corrections audit department is a small team responsible for auditing everything related to corrections. Jewell Freeman, Chief Audit Executive found herself frustrated with a series of paper-based, outmoded legacy systems that could not talk to each other. Using Diligent, Freeman was able to:

  • Build bridges between legacy systems
  • Centralize data with ACL Analytics into a single sandbox
  • Exponentially increase efficiency in auditing processes
  • Save valuable time for her staff

The most trusted board management software for over 25,000 global companies

Diligent Boards earns countless analyst accolades. But when it comes to real-world trust, no board portal comes close to Diligent Boards: over 70% of Fortune 1,000 companies trust Diligent boards to drive business-critical decision-making.

MARTA turns internal audit into a trusted advisor

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) helps more than 400,000 people get where they need to go every day. When Emil Tzanov, Chief Audit Executive at MARTA, joined the organization in 2017, its auditing was still a world of paper, pencils, office applications and file rooms. By implementing and using Diligent, Tzanov was able to get a better grip on the risks facing MARTA’s operations by:

  • Streamlining operations with an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based tool
  • Boosting productivity through automation
  • Generating high-level insights quickly and seamlessly

DAB Europe's clients are 4 times more efficient with data analytics from Diligent

As Senior Consultant at DAB, Philipp Kiencke strives to make data analytics fundamental to business. In his work, Kiencke has seen first-hand how Diligent Risk and Diligent Audit can:

  • Increase efficiency exponentially
  • Bring together diverse data inputs to tell a single story about an organization
  • Allow professionals across departments to communicate effectively with a comprehensive platform
  • Help leadership make informed decisions based on data-driven insights

The City of Lethbridge streamlines risk and control management

Faced with limited resources, the City of Lethbridge needed a solution that could help them manage their risk and controls more efficiently. Using Diligent Risk Management, Bronwyn Jesse, the city's Risk and Controls Manager can automate and standardize risk reporting, while clearly documenting and prioritizing risks. Jesse shares how Diligent has helped her department:

  • Increase transparency and efficiency by documenting all risks and their impacts in one place
  • Support budget initiatives by demonstrating where more resources are needed for higher-priority risks
  • Save time and ensure uniform processes with standardized reporting templates
  • Mature her department's operational model in a quarter of the expected timeframe

Kohler Co. automates third-party risk management with Diligent

By centralizing third-party management with Diligent, Vini Parmar, Compliance Risk Manager at Kohler Co. is better able to mitigate risks, track compliance and streamline her risk management process:

  • She consolidated third-party risk management tools in a single platform
  • She automated sanction screening and media monitoring
  • She increased Kohler’s screening cadence from yearly to monthly
  • She receives hands-on support from the Diligent team when she needs it

Magnit Global saves money while reducing emissions

Magnit Global is committed to a net-zero goal, but finding the right strategy to get there isn’t easy. To cut emissions responsibly, Heindrek Allen, ESG Manager for Magnit Global, needed a tool that would give him real-time data and analysis, so he could make precision adjustments to the company’s spending. Using Diligent ESG, Allen was able to:

  • Get a real-time view of Magnit’s sustainability profile, with activity-based measurement
  • Zoom in on each factor and department to audit environmental sustainability
  • Save money, as well as reduce emissions
  • Gather data and derive insights in one powerful platform

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